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10 Reasons Why you Should Sponsor Gamification World Congress 2015

1. Gamification World Congress is the most important, relevant and efficient showroom of Gamification solutions in the World

2. Gamification World Congress 2015 helps you to reach a huge amount of potential customers interested on investing in Gamification during 2015 and 2016

3. 3/4 of the success stories presented on Gamification World Congress 2015 has been developed/defined by sponsors of Gamification World Congress 2014

4. Your brand will be referenced along the most important Gamification experts from all around the World

5. Save more than 12 months an thousands of Euros, that is the time you would need to visit the companies that you will be in touch during one day of the Gamification World Congress 2015

6. Gamification World Congress 2015 helps you to show your products, services and success stories to potential customers, with a huge ROI

7. With Gamification World Congress 2015, your company and solutions will be showcased in media from all around the World

8.- Your company will enter in a network of contents and events, with a big annual programme in different countries, assuring enough brand visibility for 2016

9. Your solutions will be exposed during the days of the year where Gamification is a trending topic

10. Gamification World Congress organization helps their sponsors and collaborators to get in touch with big enterprises that get in contact with the Gamification World network to find solution vendors

Do you Want to Sponsor Gamification World Congress 2015?

Contact us at [email protected].