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The Gamification World Map is an international repository of gamification projects, with the involvement of professionals and promoters of this new discipline.

Gamification World Map

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    Submit your Gamification project, solution or research to Gamification World Map before 15th May so we can evaluate your candidature for the Gamification World Awards 2015.

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  • Why We Need a Global Gamification Repository

    The Gamification World Map is an international repository of gamification projects, with the involvement of professionals and promoters of this new discipline.

    The GWM has been created in order to provide a repository of gamification implementations that can be viewed for knowledge and research purposes. The idea is to create a library of gamification projects that records the first of projects as they develop and their features in order to create a public-domain database.

    Its main goal is to represent the state of gamification, reduce noise, and highlight and archive the data that define a gamification project.

    Having this information will enable us to record the evolution of this discipline over time and visualize the logical relationships between the mapped projects.

    Mapping the gamification phenomenon is crucial to provide a history and context, and to be able to predict its future.
    The priorities of the mapping project are the following:

    • Bringing together and concentrating gamification projects contributed from anywhere on the planet in a repository that can be publicly displayed. Finding, compiling, conserving, giving visibility to, and providing access to international production.
    • Identifying creation and entrepreneurship structures in the gamification industry.
      Finding patterns in gamification design.
    • Providing an observatory of development and industry trends.
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    The basic information of each project includes important highlights such as the goals of the project, the gamification components, contact details, etc.

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  • The Benefits of Submitting your Gamification Project

    Submitting your Gamification project to the Gamification World Map is beneficial for the gamification community and also for yourself. As the Gamification World Map is designed to allow complex searches among the database of projects, it can benefit researchers and professionals to understand the use of gamification mechanics, and also to analyze the actual state of the art.

    For you, submitting your project has several key benefits:

    • It allows you to access the Gamification World Awards, because each year the finalists of the Gamification World Awards will be extracted from the contributions to the Gamification World Map.
    • It helps you to put your project in front of thousands of gamification professionals.
    • It allows you to be selected to present your project/solution at the Gamification World Congress or any Gamification World Meetup all around the world.

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